I’mPossible Project

Hello, everyone! I am thrilled to share something quite exciting with you. 🙂 Can you guess what it is? No? That’s okay–I’ll tell you!

The I’mpossible Project book has released for pre-order, and I am a contributing author! Interested in hearing my story as well as the stories of 49 other people working to break stigmas around physical and mental health issues? Pre-order today here! The book will release August 24, 2017.



It was such an honor to write for this book. Writing always challenges me to examine myself then articulate this understanding of myself in the most pleasing and perfect prose; this is one of the reasons I love blogging!

In The I’mPossible Project, I write about my struggles with Lyme disease 😦 and how I discovered joy, purpose, and hope 🙂 despite immense physical and mental pain. The point of this book is to show “I am possible,” meaning there is hope in the (seemingly) hopeless, relief in the painful, and purpose in the pointless. Challenges strengthen our character and our minds and our hearts.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of this inspiring book filled with stories of triumph and success and resilience despite overwhelmingly challenging circumstances each of the authors faced. Happy reading!

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In The LymeLight

I’ve had health issues for years upon years, but my Lyme disease diagnosis is much newer information to me. Although I have had Lyme disease for over 10 years as my doctor has estimated, I was only diagnosed three years ago. More people and more doctors need to understand the reality of battling such a vicious, invisible disease, so I am partnering with LymeLight to share my story as a Lyme fighter during this Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

Check out my story here! 🙂

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Life Update: College-Bound

Hi, everyone! Guess what?!

I’m going to college!

I committed to the University of California, Davis in the University Honors Program. Here I will double major in nutrition science and entomology. I could not be more thrilled to have found such a perfect home for the next four years of my life! I will relocate from Los Angeles to Davis this fall.

Now, you may be wondering…

What is entomology?

Entomology is the study of insects. Although insects are tiny, they are mighty–they cause much disease in our world, including the disease which I fight: Lyme! I hope to perform research on infectious diseases caused  by insects to ultimately provide health and healing to people hurt by insects. Also, I want to double major to combine nutrition education with disease treatment and prevention.

Davis is the perfect town for a foodie and health nut like myself. Overflowing with yoga, gluten-free and vegan bakeries, bikes, and farmers markets, Davis is my wonderful new home. I am so in love!

While in college, I will still be blogging, of course, but the relocation gives me a chance to broaden my foodie finds to San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Nor Cal in general as well as my hometown of Los Angeles.



My 1st Online Talk!


I’m smiling in this picture since this morning, I started my day my favorite way: voicing my testimony and sharing how my chronic illness ultimately became a blessing. Speaking is a HUGE passion of mine, and I had the chance to present my first online talk today to an online school. After I spoke, I engaged in a Q&A session. I loved connecting with students from all over the world!

In the picture above, you will notice my high-heeled boots under the table. You can always catch me donning these special pink high heels for a speech or anything involving Health and High Heels! 🙂

Raising Awareness for Lyme Disease


Last week I was thrilled to speak at my high school’s chapel and share with the student body how my Lyme disease became a blessing (watch it here).  How fitting that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month!  I am passionate about sharing my testimony to hopefully inspire others and use knowledge gained from my own health struggles to educate people on health eating and living.   Without my Lyme diagnosis and health issues, I never would have been inspired to start Health and High Heels.  It’s integral to find the silver lining in even the most painful and challenging situations in life because often the hardest situations are also the most fruitful.



Hyatt Regency DFW took a “Bite out of Lyme”!

I am incredibly excited to announce that the Hyatt Regency in Texas took a “Bite Out of Lyme” and did the Lyme Disease Challenge to support me and all the other Lyme fighters out there!

Also, in January of 2016, they will donate all of their fundraising money to the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society, a major researcher for Lyme Disease.  I am hoping this money will bring them closer to a cure.

Watch them “Take a Bite out of Lyme” below!

Catering the Music for Mobility Event

IMG_0439 IMG_0467

This weekend I shared my healthy treats at the Music for Mobility event, which raised money for a cerebral palsy home to purchase an all-terrain wheelchair for its residents to see the beach for the first time!  I felt honored to participate, and I loved listening to the incredibly talented musicians performing at the event while standing by my table of organic and gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar-free treats.  I served pumpkin spice candied pecans (pictured below; recipe here), hummus and veggies, and quinoa fudge (recipe coming soon!).  I also gave a speech on how Lyme disease has disabled me in many physical ways, but at the same time, it has also enabled me by cultivating greater compassion and a passion for healthy eating within me.

Overall, the day was a success because the event’s goal to fundraise $5,000 for the special wheelchair was surpassed, and over $7,000 was raised!! 🙂


WHOA Magazine Article–I’m Published!

FullSizeRender (56)

I am incredibly excited about my first published article! I wrote “How My Lyme Became a Blessing” for the Fall 2015 issue of WHOA Women Magazine.  I truly believe that Lyme disease, although the hardest experience I have ever endured, has also been a true blessing in my life because of the character traits, career goals, and health awareness it has inspired within me.  You can grab your copy by clicking here (WHOAWomen.com) or visiting your local Barnes and Noble!

Below is a scan of my article, featured in WHOA Women Magazine’s Volume 6, Issue 4 (Fall 2015), and below that is the transcript of my article.


Joy Despite Difficult Circumstances

Never will I forget the day I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in March of 2014. I was only 14 years old. For years I had struggled with a plethora of undiagnosed health issues and desperately prayed, asking God for answers.

Little did I know this single event would not only strengthen my relationship with the Lord, but also help me find His calling for my life.

Battling a chronic, debilitating disease is not easy. It has robbed me of things I previously took for granted, such as the ability to function like a normal teenager, to spend time with friends (I now spend a lot of time in bed), and to play golf on the high school team; however, this experience is something I would never want to change because of what God has developed within me—strength, perseverance, compassion. It is only with God’s strength, not my own, that I am able to get out of bed each day. Each morning I must ask Him to help me get through the day, and each day He carries me through. It is not easy, but I am thankful because God helps me when I am weak. I rely on the His Word to motivate me on the days when I am discouraged and feel the weight of my disease heavily crushing me and even days when I feel somewhat okay. One of my favorite Bible verses is from 2 Corinthians 12 where God tells Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” This is quite possibly my favorite line in the Bible (although it is hard to choose just one!) because it resonates so deeply with me. Instead of worrying and pressuring myself to live up to unrealistic expectations I have set for myself, I have to remind myself that God’s grace is all I need and that although I am weak and imperfect, God’s power covers all of my issues and imperfections with an overwhelming umbrella of love and mercy.

You wouldn’t be able to guess that I am sick by simply glancing at me or that my treatment consists of taking 80 pills a day (no, that is not an exaggeration), multiple antibiotics, weekly IV therapy, and giving myself frequent Vitamin B12 injections as well as using an abundance of special powders, lotions, and drops. On the outside I may not look like I am fighting a disease, but I struggle with this invisible, chronic, nasty disease every single second.

Despite my extensive treatment and chronic sickness, I have found Lyme disease to be one of the biggest blessings in my life. The key is that I have asked God to grant me His joy despite my trials. And when God called me to launch my website, Healthandhighheels.org, even though there were many excuses that immediately entered my mind, I listened to His call and obediently followed through. It wasn’t easy, but by obeying His command, I have found great joy in educating others about nutrition and sharing my gluten, dairy, and soy-free recipes with the world.


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