It’s All Greek to Me

Hello, and happy summer! 🙂

I recently ventured to Europe for a three-week vacation full of food, exploration, and adventure!

The first stop for me was Greece! I visited the city of Athens as well as the stunning islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

Here are my tips for fun food spots in Greece as well as fun adventures to check out!

Athens, Greece


The dates in Greece are so fresh and yummy, and they are unlike anything I can buy in the United States–even the fresh dates at farmers markets. The pistachios were incredible too! Adjusting to the time change was challenging initially, but I accomplished it through taking fifteen minute naps when I felt exhausted and eating at normal Greek meal times. Also, don’t forget about natural sources of caffeine! I especially recommend green or white tea because they are full of antioxidants!


Walking around the Placa market in Athens was a perfect way to exercise. I even found a healthy smoothie store!


Dinner was at Strofi, a Mediterranean restaurant with a perfect view of the Athenian crown jewel, the Acropolis!

I dined on locally caught fish and seasonal vegetables for most meals in Greece! Fish is a source of lean protein, and vegetables are so important to eat while traveling because they are full of vitamins to help you feel your best even while running around exploring all day and adjusting to a new time zone!

Hiking to the Acropolis makes for a perfect workout as well as sight-seeing opportunity!


Next Stop: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos stole my heart! After arriving, dinner was at Nice n Easy, a gluten-free friendly restaurant that overlooks the water!

I sipped a fresh smoothie while watching the sunset at this incredible dinner spot! I once again ordered a white fish stuffed in grape leaves with a side of vegetables. They even offered gluten-free bread as well as a vegan, olive oil-based hazelnut ice cream for dessert!

Mykonos was full of scrumptious, healthy, fresh food! I celebrated my 18th birthday on the trip, and for my birthday breakfast, I visited Bowl, my new favorite Mykonian cafe!




I loved Bowl so much that I visited two days in a row! I tried the housemade chai and matcha lattes with almond milk; an array of colorful, fresh juices; poached eggs with quinoa and avocado and leafy greens; homemade granola; and a chocolate hazelnut smoothie! Every single thing on the menu was natural, healthy, and scrumptious!

I was thrilled to meet Bowl’s owner, Victoria, who moved from Australia to Mykonos to launch her cafe and bring healthy food options to the island! She even introduced avocados to the locals!

Here are more beautiful photos from Bowl! While traveling, eating healthy is crucial to helping energize and fuel your body for your experiences and adventures!

In addition to breakfast at Bowl on my birthday, I lunched at Scorpios, a beach restaurant and club with a stunning view of the ocean! It was once again fresh fish and fresh juice for me!

For dinner, I selected Spilia, another oceanside restaurant with delicious, local veggies and scallops!

From Mykonos, I ventured to Santorini, Greece! 

First, I visited the city of Oia, Santorini! 

With dinner at the Andronis hotel’s restaurant overlooking the iconic Santorini hillside, my eyes and tastebuds were both in heaven! I ordered vegetables and salad and sea bass. Waking up the next morning, I sipped a cup of espresso to fuel a day of exploration.

Following Oia was Thira (Santorini’s capital) and Megalohori.

Renting ATVs allowed quick zips between cities and easy rides to dinner or the beach!

The highlight of my entire Greece trip was a catamaran ride to a red sand beach and natural hot springs followed by a vegan dinner made by the catamaran’s captain while watching the sunset!

Filled with food and fun and family, Greece stole my heart, and I cannot wait to return again! ❤

My tips for feeling your best while traveling:

Just remember when traveling to pack your own healthy snacks to avoid raiding the minibar at midnight for unhealthy treats and to immerse yourself in local culture by trying the native foods from the region which you are visiting. Drink lemon water to cleanse and detoxify your system as well as to keep you alert! And don’t forget to relax, enjoy yourself, and take time to soak in a relaxing bath or read a book that makes you happy!

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