How to Order Healthy at Starbucks

I love coffee.  It gets me up in the morning, energizes me for the day, and brings a smile to my face.  However, I don’t always have time to make my favorite organic coffee at home with almond milk and stevia. Somedays I am in a rush, away from home, and need a quick coffee or caffeine fix.  Stopping at Starbucks is easy, but it’s not always the healthiest option.  However, you can still be healthy at Starbucks if you follow my simple tips!

#1) Avoid added chemicals and sugars like syrups & flavorings. 

Your body will not recognize these ingredients as delicious as they may taste.  Avoiding these will also help you avoid a sugar high (followed by the inevitable crash).  Always check if your drink comes pre-sweetened.  Sneaky drinks like iced tea may be filled with sugar if you don’t specifically request to remove the flavored syrup.

#2) Flavor your drink with the available cinnamon powder or B.Y.O.S.

Sprinkling cinnamon in your drink adds a spicy and yummy flavor without the artificial chemicals and sugar in syrups! And if you B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Stevia) like me, you don’t need to consume sugar. I always carry organic stevia packets in my wallet, so that I can sweeten drinks like coffee or iced tea when I am out.

#3) Order a small size if you do decide to indulge.

Enjoy your treats in moderation!

#4) For snacks, choose nuts or a piece of whole fruit instead of pre-packaged snacks.

My typical Starbucks order is coffee with coconut milk.  I enjoy lattes, but I also love cold brew because it is less bitter than normal coffee, meaning it usually does not need much sweetening!  No matter which coffee I order, once I add cinnamon and stevia, I am good-to-go.


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