Healthy Eating, Happy Living, & Beverly Hills

Last week, I turned 17! To celebrate, I stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel (also known as The Pink Palace because of its adorable color)! The entire trip was a (very pink!) dream.  Can you guess my favorite color? 😉 While there, we both enjoyed the hotel’s yummy restaurants and tested some other great places around the city, all of which I am thrilled to share with you in this blog post.



Breakfast: The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel 

What do I love more than almond milk lattes and beautiful flowers?  I don’t think anything is better! For breakfast I dined on scrambled egg whites, gluten-free toast, and avocado!

Lunch: The Cabana Cafe at The Beverly Hills Hotel

During my weekend in Beverly Hills, when I wasn’t eating, I was at the spa, by the pool, or shopping (although this blog post may cause you to think all I did was eat…haha!). The Cabana Cafe, located overlooking the pool, was the perfect lunchtime spot after a busy day of activities! 

Although July is hot and sunny, I could never pass up an opportunity to indulge in some of The Beverly Hills Hotel’s famous tortilla soup decadently topped with avocado and chicken.  For my entree, I enjoyed the Asian Chicken salad complete with lots of flavor and lots of different veggies! I left a happy girl with a full tummy! 🙂

Snack Time: Cupcakes! 


A special surprise and an afternoon treat was delivered to my room–gluten and dairy-free cupcakes! Not only were they delicious, but I was also ecstatic because I usually cannot eat cake on my birthday due to my allergies!

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Alfred (Tea and Coffee)

Since I had the entire weekend to enjoy Beverly Hills and its surroundings, I decided to try both Alfred Coffee and Alfred Tea over the course of the trip!

Alfred Tea

Alfred Tea is probably the prettiest place ever because of its adorable pink decor! I ordered a matcha boba drink with almond milk.  It was my first time trying both boba and matcha, so I guess you could say I was a little late to the party–oops 😉


Alfred Coffee

As much as I love tea, there is nothing like the refreshing taste of freshly brewed coffee.  I tried the cold brew nitro at Alfred Coffee, which was outrageously delicious! I added almond milk and a sprinkle of stevia to top it off.


Dinner: Spago by Wolfgang Puck

I don’t have any pictures of my food from this dinner because it was too yummy to wait, so I ate it before taking a picture (oops)! I enjoyed a salad with a fresh lemon vinaigrette and date puree to start then Halibut with vegetables for my main course.

Overall, I was delighted with all of the spots mentioned in this blog post and absolutely recommend each of them because of the wonderful experiences I had on my birthday trip! If you’re ever in Beverly Hills and looking for fun, new places to try, I hope I can help!:)





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