Boston’s Best & Healthiest

Last week I trekked all around the east coast touring colleges.  On my trek, I stopped a few days in Boston and revelled in all the healthy options! This blog post contains my favorites–from coffee shops to juice stores–so you can get your healthy fix even while travelling to Boston.

Favorite Boston Coffee Shop: Thinking Cup


Have you ever tried macadamia nut milk?  If you asked me before last week, my answer would have been no.  But the Thinking Cup has the most delicious iced macadamia nut milk latte! Seriously I fell in love and can’t wait to continue using macadamia nut milk at home since it was THAT good.  Their gluten-free snickerdoodle cookies and macarons are also to-die-for.  Please, please, pretty please stop at the Thinking Cup while in Boston.  Do it for me, do it because I told you, or do it because you want to taste the most delicious iced coffee ever (which is probably the best reason of the three ;)).

Favorite Smoothie Bowl: Juice Press


Juice Press believes organic is better and that consumers have a right to know what is in the food they eat.  I absolutely love and support this concept, so I was happy to stumble upon a like-minded business during my travels.

I ordered the acai blueberry bowl topped with Juice Press’s homemade granola and drizzled almond butter.  On a hot summer day, it hit the smoothie bowl spot and completely satisfied my craving!

Favorite Detox Juice: Juice Press (again! :))


When you travel, sometimes you eat foods that you don’t normally eat or that aren’t 100% the best choice for your body.  Not to worry: Juice Press has you covered with their “Ginger Fireball” juice containing orange, ginger, lemon, cayenne, and oregano oil.  Did you know? Oregano oil (as described by the Huffington Post here) has the “most therapeutic benefit” because of its many healing properties.  This little juice really is sunshine in a bottle!

Favorite Ballpark Food: Fenway Park (Go Red Sox!)


Fenway Park offers these delicious chicken and veggie kabobs that were perfect for gluten and dairy-free me when I went to a game with my family! They were delicious and healthy, and I loved eating with such a great view.

Favorite Garden in the City: Fenway Park takes the gold (again! :))


I was beyond impressed by Fenway’s organic rooftop garden! Seriously how amazing is this?! Plus how cute is the name Fenway Farms?  More ballparks need to initiate earth-friendly and healthy endeavors like this!

If you find yourself travelling to Boston (or if you live there), check out these places and try all the yummy, healthy treats they have to offer!

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