Sliced or Whole Fruit?

Not only are we saying “hello” to summer this month, but we are also welcoming hot, sunny days filled with time for friends, laughter, fresh fruit, and adventures.  I love filling my free time during school’s summer recess with lots of baking, reading about nutrition, and blogging!

During my reading this week, I came across a study done by the Food & Brand Lab at Cornell University which concluded that people, especially kids, reach for sliced or bite-sized fruit more than whole fruit.  

I certainly know this concept to be true for me, so I often pre-cut fruit to place in my fridge and munch on easily throughout the week.  I stock up on grapes and berries and kumquats then cut up watermelon and cantaloupe and store it at eye-level in my fridge, so fresh fruit is the first thing I see when I swing open the refrigerator to search for snacking options.

I have included in this post photos of my favorite ways to enjoy fruit, the most refreshing and healthy snack for hot summer days! Scroll down to see 🙂

Farmers’ markets are the perfect place to purchase the freshest organic berries!


How awesome is this organic yellow watermelon I found at my local farmers’ market last summer?!


Kumquats are easy to pop in your mouth for a sweet and sour snack!

IMG_1322 2.PNG

Making a pretty picture with your fruit makes it more enjoyable to devour! The “sand” is coconut sugar.

IMG_1202 3.PNG

Tangerines + kiwis + blackberries=yum!


Sliced veggies are also better than whole veggies.  Chop up veggies for simple snacking along with your sliced fruit! Dip veggies in hummus (a homemade recipe coming soon!) for a midday snack!

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