Why Coffee Really Is The Best

I’ve developed the habit of sipping coffee every morning with my breakfast because 1) Who doesn’t love that amazing flavor?! and 2) I love the energy and headache relief that comes from coffee’s natural caffeine.  But Cornell University’s nutritional science researchers have recently added to my list of reasons to drink coffee.  On top of tasting good and helping me feel good, coffee is good for you and your eyes! According to Cornell University’s article “A cup of coffee a day may keep retinal damage away” and based on their study featured in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, raw coffee contains 1 percent caffeine but  7-9 percent chlorogenic acid, which has been found to prevent retinal damage.  So for a yummy taste, an energy boost, and healthy eyes, start sipping java in the A.M.! Thank you, Cornell researchers, for bolstering coffee’s benefit list! And thank you, coffee, for helping me get up in the mornings.

With all this talk about coffee, here is how I love to drink it in the morning:  I always start off with a cup of piping hot joe (Java Babe brand all the way), a splash of almond milk (currently loving Califia Farms) , and a sprinkle of stevia (more on why I love stevia another day!).

Here, pictured below, are some of the most beautiful lattes I’ve ever enjoyed!


With coffee this pretty, how can I resist? {Almond milk latte with a ❤ from Hugo’s, LA}


I am seriously impressed by the latte artist at Malibu Farm that created such an adorable monkey simply out of almond milk!

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