Healthy Travel Tips~inspired by my Cancún trip

Last week, I spent my spring break in Cancún, Mexico! I was completely captivated by the stunning turquoise waters, the sunshine, and white sand beaches . On top of that, there was lots of healthy, fresh, and local food options! I really could stay there forever.

In this blog post, not only will I share my healthy food findings from Cancún, but also I have tips that will help you stay fit and healthy on any vacation!

Tip #1: Take advantage of locally grown food, and try the foods the region you’re visiting is known for.

I took a cooking class at the hotel where I stayed that was centered on local foods and flavors.  We used veggies and fruits that are currently in season to create this scrumptious shrimp ceviche (shrimp are a main food source in the coastal town I visited).  We also made blue corn tortillas by hand since blue corn is a prominent crop there! Everything was incredibly fresh and delicious.  There were no added preservatives; it was all natural and from the earth. I couldn’t have been happier!


These shrimp were freshly caught and, might I add, delicious.  Order foods on the menu that are prevalent in the region you’re visiting.  If you’re by the ocean, order seafood. Order produce that are in season. Don’t be afraid to try something new (like me with these whole shrimp!). I promise your body and your tastebuds will thank you!


I absolutely adored the guacamole we made in the cooking class because it started with ultra-fresh ingredients. Guacamole pro tip: Use a mortar and pestle to mash your ingredients. Start by mashing fresh onions and cilantro, then the avocado, and pour in freshly squeezed lime juice, chopped tomatoes, and serrano peppers for added flavor!

Tip #2: Balance your vacation meals by ordering a salad for your starter or fresh veggies as your side dish. You can still splurge and eat some unhealthy treats, but make sure not to completely ditch your fruits and veggies.


Here  is one of my favorite salads ever! Grilled shrimp, grilled veggies, mixed greens, and fresh avocado. Eaten on the beach=100 times better!

Tip #3: Come prepared.

Pack some healthy snacks for travelling like protein bars, dried fruits, mixed nuts, and nut butter. This will help you avoid eating the unhealthy food options sold at places like the airport.  I’m a coffee drinker, so when I’m on vacation, I’m always prepared with stevia packets, so I can avoid having to add sugar to my morning cup of joe.

FullSizeRender 2

Some of my favorites: Lara Bars (see picture above), Kind Bars, Justin’s almond butter squeezable packs, and Trader Joe’s dried fruit without added sugar (peaches and apricots are the best!)

Tip #4: Stay fit by walking through town, riding bikes to explore a city, or swimming!

Depending on the vacation you choose, there will be different opportunities to stay fit and active. If you’re at a tropical location, enjoy swimming in the pool or ocean. If you’re in a busy city, walk to your destination or rent bikes as you explore. Take a yoga class if your hotel offers it, or try a new type of exercise. Whatever you do, balance resting with moving, and your body will be much happier!

Tip #5: Order water with lemon when you eat. 

Lemons squeezed in water actually alkalize the body and will help you detoxify your system if you decide to splurge and have a treat. You definitely should try the local foods and have a dessert or two because after all it is vacation; however, drinking water with lemon will help you stay healthier and even tastes yummier than plain water! It’s a win-win situation. 🙂


Tip #6: Treat yo-self.

You are on vacation, so it’s okay not to stick too strictly to your normal healthy diet. You should try a fun dessert or order something a little bit unhealthy if you want! Just be sure to spread out these unhealthy splurges throughout the trip, keep exercising, and hydrate to counteract your treat.

Here is a picture of one of the scrumptious macarons I devoured and enjoyed by the ocean last week in Cancún.


Tip #7: Have fun! Don’t spend your entire vacation obsessing or worrying about whether or not every bite you put into your mouth is local, fresh, organic, sugar-free, et cetera…

Realize that if you don’t eat enough greens  or if you eat too much sugar while on your trip,  you can go back to your normal healthy eating when you get home, but for your time away, don’t worry too much. Be sure to enjoy the culture, food, and relaxation that comes with travelling.  You need to give yourself grace if you don’t eat the perfect diet while on vacation; just do your best.

To wrap up this post, here are pictures of the gorgeous dinner setting for my last night in Cancún! I hope these tips helped you because they have certainly helped me.  ❤

If you have any questions or want to share some of your own tips for staying fit and healthy while travelling, be sure to leave them in the comments! 🙂






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