My WEGO HA Award Winner’s Interview

As many of you know, a little while ago Health and High Heels was named “Best in Show: Instagram” in the WEGO Health Activist Awards! I am very excited to share my winner’s interview with you–Check it out on WEGO’s blog here or read below!


1. Why did you become a health activist?
After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2014, I was inspired to explore happiness through a healthy lifestyle, and of course, all while wearing a great pair of high heels! I became gluten, dairy, and soy-free and began to experiment in the kitchen. What I discovered was a new world filled with wonderful flavors! I began to photograph my journey and as my passion for healthy living grew, I knew I needed to share it with others…thus, the birth of my blog, Health and High Heels! Come visit me at This is where I share my healthy recipes, photographs, “fun foodie facts,” and healthy product reviews. My goal is to excite you about healthy living and to encourage you to try a recipe or two, visit your local farmer’s market for fresh organic produce, or even come up with original recipes! Overall, I urge you to begin discovering what healthy living means in your life!

2. What are your goals for Health Activism in 2015?
My goal is to continue promoting Lyme Disease and nutrition awareness through my blog, speaking engagements, and social media!

3. What awareness event or effort are you most excited about in your condition?
I am really excited because the month of May is Lyme Disease awareness month! I can’t wait to continue spreading awareness throughout my community and helping others understand what it’s like to live with an invisible chronic illness like Lyme.

4. If you could tell others a few things about your condition and your community, what would you want them to know?
According to, “Lyme Disease has been called ‘The Great Imitator’ and can be mistaken for ALS, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, and other illnesses.” Also, “Over 63% of patients treated for Lyme Disease continue to suffer symptoms that can be debilitating,” but “fewer than 50% of patients with Lyme Disease recall a tick bite or any rash.”
5. What advice would you give to patients and/or caregivers just beginning their Health Activist journey?
My advice would be to only begin the health activist journey if you are truly passionate about it and want to dedicate a tremendous amount of time and energy to creating awareness and making a change.

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