I Have Joy Despite My Circumstances

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About a month ago I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon an awesome post with the quote “Just because I smile and laugh doesn’t mean I’m not in pain.”  This really resonated with me as a fighter of Lyme disease and so I commented, “It just means I have joy despite my circumstances.”  That is one of the things having Lyme has taught me–to persevere through tough situations and to be joyful despite the difficulties I face.  Little did I know that anyone would really pay attention to my comment or even be inspired by it! A couple days later I was tagged in a Twitter post by a fellow Lyme fighter who had seen my comment and decided to make this picture inspired by my quote!! How awesome is that?!  It makes me incredibly happy to know that I inspired someone 🙂 This quote not only pertains to the struggles of Lyme disease, but also any challenges life may throw your way! Also, just last week, the same person who made the picture (Super Woman Simplified) wrote a blog post inspired by my comment! Please check it out!

2 thoughts on “I Have Joy Despite My Circumstances

  1. Hey Kendal! Thank you for the link back to the blog. I’m the one who made the image too and tagged you on Twitter. ;). I was just really moved by your words and they spoke to me at a time when I really needed it most. And I agree, you don’t have to have Lyme for it to apply to you. Keep inspiring and doing what you do!

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