Hawaii Healthy Food Finds

Last week I got back from my trip to Maui for spring break!  It was such an amazing time to unwind, relax, and soak up the sun!  On my trip I also had the opportunity to try a lot of different and fun foods, which I wanted to share with you!

IMG_5890  IMG_5888

Sipping fresh coconut water on the beach straight from the source at sunset!  What a dream.  After I was done, I cracked it open and ate the meat!!

IMG_5854     IMG_5858

Fresh organic coconuts from a roadside fruit stand?  There’s nothing better! So yummy!


Here is my delicious dairy-free honey macadamia coconut milk ice cream from Maui’s Beach House!  If you ever find yourself in Lahaina , this is something you won’t want to miss because it is housemade!!!


This papaya fruit boat was delicious, especially with the lime juice squeezed on top! Even better that it was locally grown!


Drinking fresh pineapple juice from a pineapple!  Y-U-M.


Here is a little Latundan banana!  It’s also known as an apple banana because it looks like a banana, yet smells and tastes like an apple!  So cool!!

IMG_5812  FullSizeRender (44)

Here was my amazing meal from Duo in Wailea!  They have an entire wellness menu that is gluten-free and filled with lots of healthy appetizer, entree, and dessert options!  I ordered the fresh mahi mahi, which also came with a delicious millet and kula corn tabouleh, pea puree, and had a shaved fennel salad! This was by far one of my favorite meals of the trip!! For dessert I ordered the raw  vegan lemon cheesecake. WOW! I had never had anything like it before…Incredible!

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