Plain Water No More!

Is regular water boring to you?  Do you wish there were fun, easy, and tasty ways to get the recommended 2 liters (or 8 eight-ounce glasses) of water a day? There is!  Here are some ways I add flavor to water while still keeping it healthy and refreshing!


I love mixing lime juice with sparkling water!  So yummy and easy to do.  I buy organic lime juice at the store, but when limes are in season,  I believe fresh is always the way to go 🙂 You can add lemon or any other fruit you want!  It tastes like soda, yet is so much better for our bodies!


A fellow Lyme-fighter bought me this awesome water pitcher/infuser!  I absolutely love it.  Here I added raspberry and lemon, but I also love throwing in orange slices and blueberries, strawberries and lime, or cucumber and mint!  The best part is that you have so much freedom with detox water!  When I have this in the fridge, I notice I drink so much more water throughout the day because I love the flavor and keep coming back for more!

Fun Foodie Fact: When blood becomes water-deficient, it starts to pull water from skin cells and give it to our other organs.  Skin, the largest organ in the body, then becomes dry and ages faster.

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